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• PRESIDENT: Dr. Mr. Fernando Pérez Torralba. • 1st VICE PRESIDENT: Dr. Mr. Javier Álvarez. Coordinator for Relations with Other Companies. • 2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Dr. Mr. Bahjat Assaf Hassan. Coordinator for International Relations and Vice Treasurer. • 3rd VICE PRESIDENT: Dra. Mrs. África Vicondoa Álvarez. Coordinator for Scientific Activities and Relations with Autonomous Communities. • SECRETARY AND TREASURER: Dr. D. Néstor Massimino Morando. • 1st VOCAL: Dr. Mr. Juan Carlos González Luque. Coordinator for Research Projects. • 2nd VOCAL: Dra. Mrs. Teresa Lascorz Ayats. Coordinator for Occupational Health and Road Safety. • 3rd VOCAL: Dr. Mr. Enrique Mirabet Lis. Coordinator for New Technologies and Publications. • 4th VOCAL: Dra. Mrs. Pilar Cervelló Ferrada. Coordinator for Relations with Medical and Psychometric Examination Centres. • 5th VOCAL: Dra. Mrs. Marta Ozcoidi Val. Coordinator for Continuing Education. Read More

Grants for research projects DGT 2014
The human factor

Ministry of the Interior. 13394. Resolution of 19 December 2014, of the General Directorate of Traffic, which resolves the call for subsidies to development activities and research projects in the area of traffic, mobility and road safety, for the year 2014 (B.O.E. nº 309, 23/12/2014). Read More

Risk factors
Risk Factors

Monash University's Accident Research Centre has released an update to a 2004 version of a report that explores the influence of chronic illness and impairments on the crash involvement of motor vehicle drivers. This is a great study for professionals of Traffic Medicine and fitness to drive issues, and can be download from link below enclosed. Read More

Changes to the IV annex of the general driver's reglament

The 10th of September of 2010 amendments to Annex IV of the General Driver Regulation (R.D. 818/2009) have been published in the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE). These changes concerned eyesight, diabetes and epilepsy. Read More

Global Road Safety 2011-2020 Plan
Road Safety interventions

Road safety interventions. In its resolution 64255, March 1, 2010, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the period 2011-2020 "Decade of action for road safety', with the overall objective of stabilizing and, subsequently, reduce the planned figures of fatalities in road accidents around the world to increase the national, regional and global-level activities. This Plan is intended to serve as a guidance document for countries and, at the same time, facilitate the implementation of measures coordinated and concerted aimed at the achievement of the goals and objectives of the Decade of action for road safety 2011-2020. Read More

Program, Evaluations and Effectiveness Studies
Road Safety interventions

Permission by points, an unresolved issue in Spain, has been key in the explanation of the reduction of mortality in our waterways. However, the effect of the measure is famously temporary. Three articles that reviewed the impact of permission by points in the Spanish claims have been recently published in prestigious scientific journals. References: 1. Pulido, J.; Lardelli, P.; de la Fuente, L.; Flores, V. M.; Vallejo, F. & Regidor, E. (2010), 'Impact of the demerit point system on road traffic accident mortality in Spain', Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 64(3), 274--276. 2. Novoa, A. M.; Perez, K.; Santamarina-Rubio, E.; Mari-Dell'Olmo, M.; Ferrando, J.; Peiro, R.; Tobias, A.; Zori, P. & Borrell, C. (2010), 'Impact of the Penalty Points System on Road Traffic Injuries in Spain: A Time-Series Study', Am J Public Health, AJPH.2010.192104. 3. Castillo-Manzano, J. I.; Castro-Nuño, M. & Pedregal, D. J. (2010), 'An econometric analysis of the effects of the penalty points system driver's license in Spain', Accident Analysis & Prevention 42(4), 1310 - 1319. Read More

Road Safety Manual
Victims attention

The second edition of the Handbook of road safety (Road Safety Manual - RSM) aims to produce an authoritative knowledge base and align themselves with the following pillars of the Global Plan for the Decade of action for the United Nations road safety 2011-2020: • Pilar 1: Management of road safety; • Pilar 2: Safer roads and mobility; • Pilar 4: Safer roads for users. The new road safety Manual is an updated environment that can help countries to meet their goals of improving road safety. Read More

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