• A public health professional, Head of Traffic Safety: María Seguí Gómez, Head of DGT

    Maria Segui Gomez, Degree in Medicine, Doctor of Science in Health Policy, Master of Public Health and Professor at the University of Navarra, and Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA), has been appointed new Traffic General Director at the Spanish Traffic Safety Administration. Maria Segui has led the European Center For Injury Prevention and Control, first injury prevention center accredited by the World Health Organization and she is a world renowned expert... Read More

The effects of alcohol and driving in households with children
Ages groups

A recent analysis by DUIP researchers found that an estimated 2.5 million adult drivers with children living in their households reported that they had recently driven while under the influence of alcohol. The analysis also showed that, for adults in all age groups, the presence of children in the home does not decrease drivers? likelihood of alcohol-impaired driving. These findings suggest that many children live with adults who engage in alcohol-impaired driving. The results highlight the need for increased use of proven, evidence-based strategies to reduce the number of alcohol-impaired drivers on the roads. In addition, it is important for adults who transport children to make a daily commitment to not drink and drive and consistently use proper safety belts, or restraints Read More

The human factor

The States members of the European Union should introduce more strict rules in their domestic legislations concerning the illnesses that make people unable to drive. Persons with acute obstructive sleep apnea present a highly dangerous combination of symptoms at the road. For this reason the medical examinations that evaluate driving abilities shoud include aspects related to sleep apnea. Read More

Risk factors
Risk Factors

Monash University's Accident Research Centre has released an update to a 2004 version of a report that explores the influence of chronic illness and impairments on the crash involvement of motor vehicle drivers. This is a great study for professionals of Traffic Medicine and fitness to drive issues, and can be download from link below enclosed. Read More

Study on the involvement of fatigue on driving
Fatigue, distraction, sleepiness

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada will start a new study on fatigue and driving, to update its previous reports. According to 2006 (CCMTA NCDB May 2006) fatigue is a factor associated in 19 percent of mortal crashes and by 23% of all crashes. The 2006 report could get off at the link attached. Read More

Pedestrians and Bicycles
Pedestrians and cyclists

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) has recently published a Guide about pedestrian safety and traffic signals, as part of the prevention programme that TRB has been developing in this issue, called APS (Accessible Pedestrian Signals) Read More

Changes to the IV annex of the general driver's reglament

The 10th of September of 2010 amendments to Annex IV of the General Driver Regulation (R.D. 818/2009) have been published in the Spanish Official Gazette (BOE). These changes concerned eyesight, diabetes and epilepsy. Read More

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