Historical Overview

The Spanish Society of Medicine Traffic is born, as non-profit, with the purpose of a prominent place of the prevention of traffic accidents and their impact health.

The origins of the SEMT date back to the concern of a group of doctors born between 1994 and 1996 within different Congresos of road safety. The idea in the minds of many of the people from the profession health had come to the phenomenon of the prevention and control of the accident.

In 1997, after various meetings and administrative procedures, and welcomed the General direction of traffic, whose medical advice always promoted the idea, the Spanish society of medicine traffic as a company registered in the Ministry of Interior with the number 186.186. The founding partners were doctors Julián García Sánchez, José María Pérez y Pérez, Bahjat Asaff Hassan, Juan Carlos González Luque, Cándido Gómez Mena, Néstor J. Massimino Morando y Joaquín Vázquez de la Torre. That same year was appointed partner of honour Dr. Mario Esteban Antonio, in recognition of one of the drivers of Ophthalmology traffic in our country.

Its first President was Dr. José M. Pérez Pérez, and that during the initial years has directed the first steps of the society with dedication and perseverance imperecederas. After the extraordinary Assembly of the month of April 2002, the current President, Dr. Fernando Pérez Torralba, took the Chair and starts a stage of consolidation and strengthening.

Together with the SEMT, other professionals of different autonomous communities faced similar objectives. In particular, the Association Valenciana de medicine traffic walks in parallel, and, from the outset, in complete harmony, as the semt born with vocation plural in the Spanish State.

The Spanish Society of Medicine Traffic is a society still in a state of germ, not only by being young, but also because facing a new challenge in our country, as is the prevention of injuries; a challenge that is called to be in the coming years one of the public health aspects more transcendent throughout the world; a challenge we face from the semt with commitment and enthusiasm.

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